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About Us

Program Values
At Cerenity, we BELIEVE
  • Regardless of a person’s disability, everyone has a right to a live, work and enjoy leisure activities in their local community.


  • When people with disabilities choose and regulate their own activities, employment, support and services, personal satisfaction will result.

  • People with disabilities should have access to community opportunities and earn wages and benefits equal to that of coworkers performing the same or similar jobs.


  • Community relationships both at, and away from work leads to mutual respect and acceptance.


Cerenity Inc. is committed to providing the highest possible quality of services and support to individuals with disabilities. Our philosophy is to provide meaningful CONNECTIONS, in the local COMMUNITY through Individual’s CHOICE. To this end, Cerenity will ensure that:
  • The choices and rights of individuals with disabilities will be respected in the provision of all services.
  • Individuals will receive program services that are in a safe and professional environment free from harassment, abuse and /or mistreatment.
  • Individuals with disabilities will participate in the development and implementation of their individual program plans.
  • Cerenity utilizes the person-centered planning approach to capitalize on the individuals’ interest, desires, skills and abilities.
  • Cerenity's professional staff is trained to assist in facilitating the individuals program plans to help reach all specified goals.
  • Cerenity examines its own performance, using quantitative evaluations and qualitative feedback from our individuals and their family members annually.
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