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Transitional Youth Services

It's ALL about YOU!!!

Are You....

  • Out-going

  • Energetic

  • Shy

  • Interested in meeting new people?

  • Looking for vocational training?

  • Day Habilitation?

  • Interested in dancing, attending sports events, playing board games, or joining a club?

This could be just what you've been looking for!!

Cerenity utilizes it's community-wide database to connect our individuals to activities of their choice in the local community!


No Limits...PICK your DESTINATION!

Discover...New People...New Things...New Skills

Flexibility.... CHOOSE your activities and vocational training!

Let CERENITY assist you in planning your day!

Cerenity's Transitional Youth Services will:

  • Develop Person-centered planning to outline goals

  • Develop Monthly Activity calendars, identifying CHOSEN activities

  • Foster total CONTROL in deciding what you will do

  • Officer 1:1 or 1:2 Ratio's - Spend your day how you want...with whom you want!

  • Work on workplace etiquette, time management, volunteer opportunities, and leisure activities!

Once you join Cerenity we will:

  • Conduct an Assessment to identify your interest, skills and desires

  • Conduct interviews for you to SELECT your DSP

  • Identify Activities that interest you...

  • ENJOY!




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