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  Staffing Plan

Cerenity's specific staffing requirements will be derived from each Individual’s Plan (IP) and will ensure that each Direct Support Professional meet the requirements of COMAR 10.22.11.

Cerenity has a comprehensive pre-qualification process that requires a potential staff member to pass the following criteria before they are offered employment with Cerenity:

o Must have a High School Diploma or GED
o Must be at least 18 years of age
o Must be able to read and speak the English language
o Must be able to communicate with the individual
o Must have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and provide proof of insurance
o Must have at least 1 year of experience as a DSP, serving individuals with disabilities
o Must have the ability to receive a clear criminal background check
o Must have the ability to become certified in CPR, First Aid and CPI
o Must be able to be cleared for communicable disease through an annual PPD test
o Must produce a writing sample on a computer using Microsoft Word to demonstrate competency in the English language, basic computer skills and the ability to effectively express in writing the outcome of an individual’s day regarding his goals and objectives.

Cerenity will recruit for individuals who demonstrate an interest or experience in activity planning, express interest in physical activities, sports or sightseeing; demonstrate skills in care giving, nutrition, a self-starter, motivator or any special areas that may enhance the community involvement of an individual.

Interviewing and Selection

All employees that have acquired higher level of education, certificates and special certifications are required to submit all transcripts, course descriptions with grades, ten (10) business days after employment. If selection, eligibility, or wages were based on higher level of employment, and information is not received by the required time, employees may be released immediately for failure to submit qualifying documentation or falsifying documentation.

Employment Eligibility

In accordance with U.S. immigration requirements, upon being offered a job at Cerenity, applicants are required to provide proof of their residency, employment eligibility and complete an Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) verifying that they are authorized to work in the U.S. Potential employees who are unable to provide the proper documentation will not be offered employment at Cerenity.

Staff Mandatory Training

Cerenity maintains a community of excellence. All employees are responsible for the furtherance of their own professional growth and development on a regular basis. Cerenity employees are required to attend all Mandatory Orientation sessions and the Department of Disability Administration (DDA) required training within the first 30 days of employment. Failure to complete mandatory training may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Cerenity training programs shall include a written and verbal assessment to determine competency in basic writing and communication skills, which are pertinent to the duties of direct support to include:

1. Ability to read and write in English
2. Ability to verbally communicate in English

All staff will successfully complete the following trainings:

 Cerenity Orientation
 Cerenity Policies & Procedures
 Incident Management
 Adaptive Equipment
 Principles of behavior change
 Behavior Management
 Individual Support Planning
 Community integration and inclusion
 Individual-directed, outcome oriented planning for individuals
 The aging process, and the special needs of the elderly
 Psychotropic Medication
 Medication Administration
 Blood Borne Pathogens
 Sensitivity & Diversity Awareness
 General Characteristics and needs of individuals served

 Fundamental rights of individuals with developmental disabilities
 Communicable diseases
 Communication skills
 Supporting individuals and families in making choices
 Quality Assurance
Staff Mandatory Training
 Seizure Disorders
 First Aide
 Other trainings as deemed necessary


On-going competency based training

Cerenity conducts on-going competency based training monthly to ensure that all DSP’s are current, skilled and knowledgeable in serving our individuals with disabilities. All trainings are documented and coupled with a written assessment exam at the end of each module to determine the level of knowledge obtained and maintained. All DSP’s are required to obtain a score of 80% to demonstrate a passing score.

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